SH Abductions vs... XH?

I've only done abductions a few times, before XH even came out for global. Can you be abducted in XH? Is there a benefit over SH? Is it worth it?


Yes. It give as quest reward 250k meseta and a unit with Returner III with 1-2s (aka Veteran Resolve on NA) on S rank. While SH gives 200k meseta and a unit with Returner I 1-2s

@Furious Yeah, you can get abducted from XH. I would say it's more worth it bc after clearing you can get either a 1 or 2 slot Vet Res III unit as opposed to vet res I. It'll be more worth your time to run it after we get a little more powerful for faster runs, but it's definitely doable now if you have a strong group. I've even solo'd a XH abduction run XD

Groovy, thanks guys.