Practice Urgent quests.

I would like to be able to Do UQs in a practice mode with no loot or exp. The content in the game that is ment to be challenging is avalible for such short snippets of time failing at the objectives feels real bad. I like many other people cannot sit on the game and wait for the mission to pop multiple times to get the patterns down just right. A great example of this is PD with his solo challenge lots of attacks and patterns a title and I havent seen him more than a few times and only once since i could actually try it out felt real bad not getting him down. Would like to be able to practice the fight for next time.

If you play through the story, you'll find out that all these boss UQs are actually a part of it. You can always retry story missions too. You can practice mechanics and dodging that way.

@Solva-tan not all bosses are in the story just most of then so some is not possible to use the story fights to train

@Jamesmor Alright, not all of them, but aside from Yamato and Deus Esca, all the other bosses are in the story.

  • Elder is in episode 1
  • Luther is in episode 2
  • Magatsu is in episode 3 and Bonus Keys
  • Profound Darkness is at the tail end of episode 3
  • Apprentice at the end of MB4 is at the end of episode 3
  • Mother after the rideroid phase is in episode 4

So i took the weekend to grind through to the story to get to fight Profound darkness for working on the fight and the hardcore version of him is far easier than the UQ version.

I would like to be able to work on the UQ difficulty one not the kinda easy one in the story.

I noted story PD is much easier than UQ PD, and I never saw story PD using some attacks UQ PD usually do. Gotta check the fight again as I haven't done it in awhile, though. I think the closest to UQ tier from story is lilipa Apprentice, as he has a lot of HP and most of it's attacks hit very hard and exist in both versions. But that's a mostly AIS fight. The story Anga prior to apprentice is also a good practice run if you want to do better against the CR Forest version.

@ZorokiHanuke that happens to all bosses that appear in the story, they have less attacks and are much easier than the current highest level of difficulty simply because the story fights are from when the episode was made and the lattest difficulty fight was upscaled to the players level and gear and also giving the bosses new extra attacks, so using the story fights to train become useless when the fight will be way different

@Jamesmor That, plus the supposed "scaling to single player", whatever that may really mean in terms of actual boss stats.