Ragol Customes Color Change

Does anyone have pictures of how these costumes look with the colors changed? I'd like to recreate some of the old PSO vibes but I'm apprehensive about dropping the cash if it only lets you change the base color. Red on light blue for the ranger costume would look ridiculous.

I can only do this with the HUnewearl costume later if you want it as its the only one I have but yeah... a lot do look hideous and were designed with the default color in mind. Unfortunate we don't have "Ruby, Shadow, Snow, etc" versions of these at least or something.

Dang. I always ran the stock red with my ranger. When episode 2 came out, I switched my hunter to the second palette white set, which also had yellow and light blue accents. I wasn't holding my breath on that one, but it's a bit of a heart break.

Black RaCast

Mint RaCast

Pink RaCast

Changing Sub Color 1/2/3 does absolutely nothing.

@Zephinism 😧 That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for confirming. I appreciate you taking the time.