Sieger Shield

Anybody know where this guy drops? I can't remember where I got it but I had two drop a few weeks ago and haven't seen any since. Trying to make the jump to +35.

If it was a drop, then it should already have its Grind Cap at 35, so you shouldn't need any extra copies of it; you can check that on the second tab of its item description.

Also, I believe that it is a drop from the Yamato UQ or from Vegas (maybe you got it during Riding Quests?).

Crap. I just realized what I did. You saying that jogged my memory. I saw one cheap on the player market and snagged it, then smashed my other one into it because it had better augments. Guess I'm locked in +31 purgatory.

@AndrlCh I was wrong in my last post! You're right. Says max 35. I must have just stopped at 31 because I didn't know dropped weapons are native 35 unlocked and so I figured I was stuck. Thanks so much for the info. Awesome. That's terrific news. The bad news is that this is still the one with bad augments and I made it worse trying to fix it. LOL. Time to learn how to do that better now.