Steam Users Getting Dumped On

Is this going to be a running theme? Game Pass users get exclusives and the Ragol Fashion pack is still available for both XBox and MS store users while it was pulled from Steam weeks ago. I just want to know if this is a sign of things to come. In general terms, exclusives divide your player base and have an overall damaging impact on player morale. It does way more harm than good. The fanboys will say that's offset by the people getting the exclusives, but most of those people won't care as much as the people left out in the cold.

The Ragol Fashion Pack is still on Steam, it is just not under DLC, rather it is in the Item Store section of the Store page (ie. where you purchase AC and SG).

@AndrlCh Get right out of town. runs to check I'll be damned. There it is. So my bad on that one. Good catch. I wouldn't have expected it there but it's available at least.

So maybe they just add a "basically the Steam version of XBox Game Pass" bundle there for ten bucks or something. That would fix the preferential exclusivity problem. Considering the Steam deal was put in place as a direct result of MS dropping the ball, this would be a good move. A lot of people jumped on the Steam train just because it was the only way to reliably play the game.

Late but if anyone else wants a direct link since imo it kinda was to the side of the page here

@Vashzaron You're good, man. That's helpful. Appreciate it.

Glad this was semi-resolved. I'll still bring this up on your behalf. Thank you!

I thought the game pass exclusive is there for the fact that xbox users have to pay a monthly fee (Live gold) to essentially have access to a f2p game on their consoles? Or is that not how it works?

@GM-Deynger Absolutely. Thank you for your response. We Steam users just want to buy things like everybody else. 😄

Agreed! I am also a Steam user. 🙂

@ZorokiHanuke I mean, I guess that's how it works, but why should everyone else be punished for XBox having a lousy subscription model? Seems a little one-sided.

@TQuinTV that is the purpose to be one sided, the idea is to attract people to their ecosystem so they will obviously use one side deals like the Game Pass to do that

@TQuinTV I'll be honest, I always felt like that whole XBL gold thing was a fiasco from the start and seriously never imagined people would be buying into it without going into a major collective tantrum. I mean, what the heck, pay to play f2p games? It's like having to pay some corporate dude just to be able to leave my house and go outside or something. But guess the world doesn't run my way and people felt they had to pay or lose online play. I personally never paid into it when I played my 360. I had a PC for f2p stuff, after all. But not everyone has such option. Oh well.

As for what you are saying. I'm definitely not against it. It's just that I've always felt like xbox players have been cucked from the start, and someone decided to throw them a cookie, or maybe just some crumbs.

Exclusives exclude. Leaving people out isn't healthy for public perception. That door swings both ways.