Phantasy Star episode 5 whos excited?!

Im getting excited about Phantasy Star episode 5 how about everyone else. what did everyone like most about episode 4,or 3 heck even 1 and 2!

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Im getting excited about Phantasy Star episode 5 how about everyone else. what did everyone like most about episode 4,or 3 heck even 1 and 2!

it is are duty as ARK's to protect the good from all that apose us, stay vigilant ARK's!

Ah, the image caption when porting through to the gate area/planets kind of got me wondering about the story though I don't know anything about episode 5 yet, it certainly gave me some vibes from Phantasy Star III. Kind of more on the side of kingdoms and fantasy while still being sci-fi is what I mean by that, so it looks pretty cool to me.

My favourite story moment I've not determined yet, basically just finishing the most recent episode this past week.

I'll avoid any Episode 5/6 spoilers (except to say that they each have a Big Damn Heroes moment that I love), and just stick to episode 1 to 4.

From Episode 1, my favorite moment unfortunately got cut from the Global version due to the transition from Matterboard to Omnibus; it was the Sara route of the ARKS Battle Tournament, because it has the best moment where after you and Sara reach the end, Huey challenges you to a duel by first getting on top of the Gateway Ship that he and KK have been commentating from, then useing Fulcrum Swing to jump off and land in front of you. It was the moment that I knew Huey was Best Girl.

For Episode 2, I would probably have to go with Regius bisecting Luther (which when I first saw it, it was only viewable after the actual Luther Urgent Quest). It was just so satisfying, since it was one of those moments where another character could shine instead of the Main Character getting every Big Bad kill.

Episode 3 was the duel with Persona, particularly in the divergence where the you convince them that there is another way.

Episode 4 is kinda overall meh to me in terms of any particular large story beats, but I would have to say that my favorite moment is the synchronized fighting with you and Matoi against Mother.

Ill say this. Youre gonna love episode 5s music. Its so good

I’ve really loved the story except episode 4 so I’m pretty excited for something new. I tried watching the anime to understand/like episode 4 but it’s just not doing anything for me. I don’t feel anything for the characters, there’s no one to root for.

Episode 3 was so beautifully done, I just adore Matoi. I hope episode 5 gives me the same feeling of attachment and surprise.

Ep 1 is slow. Ep 2 is great. Ep 3 is awesome. Ep 4 is lame cringe but at least it brought Phaleg so we can filter the mighty from the unworthy. Ep 5 is isekai trash. Ep 6 is the follow up of Ep 3 so it's based.

Hot take, EP4 was peak PSO2 for me. Cool locations with new awesome enemies, bosses and music, memorable characters. It's all downhill from there for me, after watching Ep6 credits I Alt-F4d and couldn't muster to launch PSO2 again, so generic and boring it hurts.

I liked the bit with Quna and her friend in Episode 1. Nothing in episode 2 was all that memorable for me, however Episode 3 with the Persona moment in the Forest was pretty intense and also when Eucie has a split.

Episode 4 I enjoyed the bit with Kohri in Vegas on the rooftops.

I really don't like Xion.

I'm excited for Episode 5 as it looks to weave Fantasy with Medieval. I hope we can ditch some of the more annoying characters like Pietro and the twins.

I personally feel ep4 was peak PSO2 gameplay wise. When episode 5 introduced hero, it disrupted the balance of the game in a way that it never recovered from. Enemies suddenly became hyper-mobile, and/or flying in a way that the OG classes really struggle to deal with. The scion classes were built specifically to handle these newer enemies with ease, while older classes quite literally get left in the dust. That's not to say that the older classes become completely obsolete, but it takes them 10x the effort just to keep up... I think this listing of main class distribution in JP (as of July 2020) says it all. alt text