What is your favourite Phantasy Star track?

It's a really hard tossup between "Image of a Hero" and "Chaotic Bar" from PSO. That game's music makes me groooove

I haven't played any of the single player games besides the original Phantasy Star Portable (and need a guide to play through the originals on genesis due to lack of direction sometimes.) Nor have I played the original PSO or Phantasy Star Universe. But I can tell you what my favorite tracks are in PSO2:

The TULA Chapter jingles for Episode 5

A great fantasy rendition of the chapter jingle from prior episodes.


A beautiful track that accompanies the story quest selection screen. It gives the listener a sense of mystical whimsy yet seriousness that is to come within the story. Providing a musical setup to a fantasy epic. It also ended up reminding me of NieR music for some reason.


A more serious version of the previous track. This track accompanies the narration that is spoken over the country maps during Episode 5, which explain the situation and story that is unfolding before you. It really conveys the sense of scale and sense of seriousness that this powerful part of the story has to offer. It also reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles "Main Theme," which plays over the narration for its prologue set-up.

I'm a fan of the one used in Phase 1 Primordial Darkness.