What is your favourite Phantasy Star track?

So, how about it? What are your favourite Phantasy Star tunes?

Mine is probably Ukishima from Phantasy Star Universe!

After this, I've fallen in love with the Earth theme on PSO2 of Realization, especially the Scenery version.

Close runner ups would be:

What are yours?

Oh boy... I mean where do I begin there are just so many good tracks? xD

Well I suppose I could list a couple...

Phantasy Star Online

  • Prenotion: Sets the mood that you are about to get onto something big alright...

  • Silent Palace: Epic, Orchestral yet also has a sort of 'spacey' feel to it.

  • Tricktrack PART2: On top of the Spaceship Stage being pretty cool, this song is just oozing with references to the classic games!

  • Abysmal Ball -Banquet-: Definitely one of the best PSO songs in my opinion... its pretty underrated too.

  • Gate - File Select-: Sets a pretty nice mood for PSO Episode 3... a nice combination of softer and techno tunes.

  • Code -Deck-: One of my personal favs from Episode III and one who's music style I haven't seen replicated in any other Phantasy Star game. Its definitely a unique track alright... and to think this is just for editing your card deck! xD

Phantasy Star Universe (and Portable 2)

Phantasy Star Online 2

PSO Episode III: Lobby Music , Tutorial, Option, 'Idola' The Strage Fruits;

PSO Episode II: Abysmal Ball, Easter, Day Light, Day Dawns;

I honestly feel Episode Three trumps everything by having more consistent quality (Over which the others have high quality as well). I heard the tracks from the game and purchased it immediately. If you haven't played Episode III, please, re-visit it. It's actually much more engaging for us since we already have an attachment to the monsters of PSO Episodes I and II.

PSO has a lot of great music. Some favorites are:

PSU had some good music too, but few that I'd say I outright love. Here's a couple notable ones:

  • Raia - I'm a sucker for anything that's a remix of the credits theme from Phantasy Star 4.
  • More Haste, Less Speed - See the previous explanation.
  • Contamination ~ice~ - Man, this one is really good. Very foreboding.
  • Honorable mentions to Aire Iglesia and Habirao F.D

PSO2, man where do I even start? It'd be harder to find music from PSO2 that isn't incredible. It's the highpoint of the series for me as far as the OST goes. Here's just a few of the ones I love:

  • Growl, from the Blast Rage ~ Vol Dragon - Blast Rage is easily the best of the long-running Growl series, and the OST version is perfect slow burn of increasing intensity.
  • Violent Dynasty ~ Falz Hunar - The official "things just got real" theme of PSO2.
  • Archer of Destiny - Subdued and emotional (well, compared to the normal for a PSO2 fight theme), perfect for when it first plays in the story. A remix of PSU's Contamination ~dark~ that was so good, I didn't even realize it was a remix of that mediocre track for a long time.
  • Ooze - An absolutely sublime remix of PS4's final boss theme.
  • Superluminal - This is a live version of the ESC-A Falz Mother Rideroid theme, which is excellent in it's own right. It remixes Mother Brain's theme from PS2 as well as other themes from PSO2. This live version features Jun Senoue shredding the absolute hell out of a guitar.
  • Tears of the Moon - Selene - It's Moonlight Sonata, what else is there to say? It's so unexpected, and so good. Really floored me the first time I heard it in game.
  • Hello - Just a really pleasant credits theme. It connects to the plot, even.
  • Over the Universe - PSO2 has quite a few vocal boss themes. This is one I happen to like quite well. I can't say exactly why, but it just works as a culmination of Episode 5. I could have just as easily gone with ALL ARKS, though.

...ok, I better stop there for now. I could post links all I night.

@Ranmaru For sure, Episode III had a lot of awesome tracks! Its a shame the game itself is very underrated, it gets passed up for having different gameplay from the rest of the series...

A lot of these I'd put into a playlist along with my favourites, really good choices!

My teen self really enjoyed "Save This World" opening from PSU AotI.

Obsidian Arms - Dark Falz battle theme.

It's a remix of the second phase battle against Dark Falz in PSO1. https://youtu.be/jcQHncm1LOI?t=357