[Ship 4] My Alliance did not receive the Lillipan Suit reward from the campaign

My Alliance on Ship 4, Gunpla Mafia, did not receive the "Lillipan Suit" reward or the SG reward for the point threshold from this campaign. We received the furnishing and the first SG reward perfectly fine. I spoke to several other alliances on the ship and it seems that most people also didn't receive the two later rewards.

There is no doubt in regards to whether or not we fulfilled the requirements. My alliance finished in 10th place on the ship in August and we absolutely had enough points between 8/5 and 8/18, especially because I have personal friends who completed the 4500 weekly caps with me in that period of time.

When will those eligible be receiving the rewards? I've only seen a single person on the entire ship with the suit and, for all I know, they could have just transferred over with it from a previous campaign or something.

Is this even a confirmed bug at the moment?

-- UniMaximal 👁 👄 👁

Is there any news on this at all?

Going to take a guess and say this is not something that the devs care to fix and move on. It's not a confirmed bug after almost a month, so meh.

Ah hello. We've crossed paths on Reddit from my posting of a similar issue on the recent Battle Arena campaign.

Just to check, did you raise a support request ticket about this? As I'm chasing up the missing rewards from a different campaign I'd like to hear if and when that receives a response.