Allowing parts in mission passes to return on the fresh finds shop, or even trade them.

What made me the most annoyed of all is that parts like the Photon Wings of the season 5 pass and the Nono Schwantz CAST parts are no longer accessible, even with real life money. In the JP version, you were able to put those items on the shop, so why is it that the NA version prevents people from obtaining cosmetics they desire? It's not fair to people who waited so long for an NA version, and it honestly just gives more incentive to go back to the JP version. Face it; PSO2 becomes a fashion game at the higher levels, so why cut out the fashion aspect?

@Aries agree there should always be a option to purchase with real money should a season end. The players that missed have a chance to obtain.

@Golden_Syrup even then, that's the least I'd settle for. You should be able to buy them for the usual 400 SG an outfit normally costs, or at the worst, some AC. Seeing that these are available in the JP version, why play the NA version since JP's late game actually exists; the fashion aspect?

@Aries 400 SG would be a fair price since it's double that of a single gold pass

@Aries said in Allowing parts in mission passes to return on the fresh finds shop, or even trade them.:

@Aries 400 SG would be a fair price since it's double that of a single gold pass

I would sooner recommend 600-800 or even 1000 for past mission passes for SG, since it's easy to get SG for free. AC method would be cheaper, to lure people into buying it with real money as intended.

We should be able to access and purchase tiers from all past seasons with SG- at 25 SG per tier, it would cost 750 SG to unlock all 30 tiers from a past season, not counting overrun tiers. If you add a 200 SG fee to unlock gold tier for that pass, it'd total 950 SG- so 1k wouldn't be out of the question, and would in fact be perfectly reasonable. It would incentivize doing seasons while they're active, but not locking you out of past seasons entirely. So basically, this would mean you can purchase tiers from any season, but only allowed to earn stars during current season. ( I would happily pay 1k SG to access the lamia set, if only Sega would allow me to.... 😕 )

Sega Could Make A Item Thats Purchased That Allows Players To Access Any Past Seasons. How Players Obtain This Item is Open To Question. A VIP Access in A Way. Sega Would Be More Agreeable To This As It Would Still Maintain Uniqueness Of Each Season.

It's fair to have it be more expensive, but removing any way to get it just cuts out the fashion aspect like I said. When you reach the highest levels, PSO2 basically becomes a fashion game. If you guys think they should do this, spreading this suggestion around would help the chances of it being implemented.

It's not even a bad idea to do. It would give SEGA another way to get people to buy AC.

Thanks all, I'll bring this up with the developers on your behalf.

@GM-Deynger I appreciate it. It's nice to know I'd be able to get cosmetics from past seasons in some way. Seeing that PSO2 is a huge game, needing 80 gigabytes of space, it wasn't easy to install. The PSO2 Tweaker isn't something known to people just getting into the game, and the microsoft store version was a complete failure as we all know. I wasn't able to get the game without an external drive, so that set me back a bit in my case. When I finally joined, season 5 had just ended, meaning I missed out on parts like the Lamia CAST gear and the 3 bladed photon wings. I'd be willing to pay quite a bit of SG like suggested above to unlock certain tiers from past missions.

Maybe allow re-runs of past seasons after you finish with the current season. It kinda sucks being unable to benefit from the tier missions after you are completely done with the season.