The Frustration Thread

Hello everyone!

In the midst of having to go thru many , many Re-installs of the PSO2 game itself, In lieu of all the numerous posts of similar subjects, Which then result in such retro-raging threads that often lead to someone who either wants to tell the entire world that they had just about enough, or just simply -' Im going to quit."

So back to my re-install of PSO2 , for what, the 15th time now or so? More of less. Is it Frustrating? Of course it is! , But - I find that it's still not a reason to quit. There are things that we can control and there are things that we cannot. Just simply I feel that PSO2 is still very enjoyable and really worth the wait and patience to get it to run again for a Great gaming Experience.

You may be wondering what prompted me to re-install the game anew? Well , since I already have an old steam account, For whatever reason, Steam notes that "The game is already in my game Library", But I never once downloaded it from steam. So, I made the mistake of trying to DL PSO2 From steam itself, What followed is that my entire default directory was deleted, except for 2 folders which was PSO2.Bin, But was empty anyway.

In my frustration , I tried all sorts of fixes , to try an -re-install from the MS store, According to MS you should be able to open your Installed games directory and it should have that option to -reinstall. However - Getting an actual response from competent people who genuinely know what ails you and what you need to find resolution is a whole different matter and I am not touching that subject.

In the end. tweaker saved me, It did However took FOREVER to get things in order , But it does work.

Tweaker saved the day again. As for steam, you might have to wipe and reinstall steam. It worked for me when it borked on some on my other games.

Oh! Thank you for the Info!

Welcome back, I had issues with the launcher for the longest time there. 😸

I like the new avi art also.

Thank you . 🐨

Months ago, I started out with the tweaker but I did it wrong and the MS store deleted my game. Then I followed the rules very meticulously and haven't had any problems since. It's just a pain in the ass getting the game to run lmao But I agree, it was never a reason to quit. It was just a major setback since the game takes a long time for me to download.

PSO2 definitely had one of the worst launches I've ever seen. Far as I'm aware, the MS store is still having issues and they have not been addressed at all.

I'm a masochist(not really), and I will let the launcher check all 92,000 files like a champ. Yall need to grow some balls. /s /jk

Hi all. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having these issues, but I'm glad they at least were resolved. Your frustration has been noticed, and will be communicated to those with the power to look into things.

I had to reinstall pso2 around 4 times back when I used the MS Store to play the game while using the tweaker due to some random errors (Those reinstalls usually occurred after maintenances). I also was stuck in a log in loop 1 month before the Steam release where I had to uninstall the Xbox app to fix it for some reason. Once I started using steam I stopped having any issues. MS Store sure is buggy for me.