Training the Katana focus

For the love of God I can’t get this fill the focus and success counter.....I am trying so many times I don’t get it. How you know it it’s fill. I attack and I don’t seem to see it. Help please

If you have taken the Katana Focus Skill on your Tree, you should see a bar above your weapon on the palette; this is your Focus Gauge.

The Focus Gauge is completely full at the start of a Quest, and will only drain when you enter the "Released State" (indicated by being surrounded by purple energy/flames) by successfully performing a Counter or holding the guard button while having the Katana Focus Guard Release (L) ring equipped.

While in the Released State, the Focus Gauge will gradually empty until you exit the Released State (ie. the energy/flames will disappear), at which point you will slowly be able to refill the Focus Gauge by attacking enemies.