friends cant hear my emotes. is this dif from JP?

theres some emotes i think i recall you could hear on JP is this a NA change or am I misrembering?

NA have lots of problem with Voice license, could be it, since they need license to use it from the VA itself or some third partie company that handle DUB., and its one of the issues NA lack a new Voice Ticket for almost like 6 months.

emotes should have noises everyone can hear, certain emotes however do not. One I can think of in general you cannot hear is slap-silly. However Volleyball and Bang Bang have noises you can hear

Im not sure which emotes you're talking about. I put something like Party Popper on and my friend can hear it. Could you be more specific? Cheers.

I know the Persona 3 Emote (the one you shoot yourself in the head) cant be heard by others. From what i can tell it seems to possibly be crossover emotes that cant be heard by others? Might be something someone could test that has a large amount of the emotes.