bug arkuma slot

hi , i try arkuma this night , i had 1095 coin casino , i paid 500 for play but ... without play , and i have do two try without play ... i loose 1000 coin casino on 10 sec

500 CC is taken from your winnings (+stocked CC if you don't have enough winnings) rather than when you start. if you hit the wrong boss image, you get set to 0 winnings and the game ends.

I'd recommend you stick to Rappy Slots if you don't understand the high risk of Arkuma Slots. It's what I do.

i have play many time ... but this night ... the arkuma slot take my 500 coin without to do a first level the game is finish and need 500 cc retry ( without to play ) just the game arkuma slot steal me 1000 cc just 10 sec