Half Scape Doll Farming?

Here lately I've been starting to run somewhat low on Half Scape Dolls. (At one point I had over 50 and as of posting this, I only have 21 left.) I know that you can get 1 per week for using the Swap Shop. But, I was wondering if there was any way to farm Half Scape Dolls in the game right now. And if not, will there ever be a way to obtain a lot of Half Scape Dolls?

well you can get 1 weekly, 1 sometimes is in the login bonus you get daily, sometimes you get 1 from campaign but those are only for Half Scape Dolls, there are no methods to farm then so keep those dolls to when you really need then.

now if you still want to get dolls you can buy the Scape Dolls using AC.