Music you are listening to right now:


HoneyComeBear ハニカムべアー - Sneaker

Sonata Arctica - San Sebastian

And anything by them, really! I play the whole albums.

City love by John Mayer. One of his more obscure songs, been a longtime fan and I'm still discovering songs I love by him. Love John Mayer. One of my absolute favorite songs of his is Split Screen Sadness from heavier things invitations party

Eminem - Kamikaze

When Eminem listening to mumble rappers be like: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Lovely, Betina

Lord of the Blacksmiths - Falconer

If you like cheesy D&D power metal then here’s the song for you! It’s literally about an ancient blacksmith that forges for gods and kings until the end of time.