Episode 4 lore was honestly pure cringe

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Personally, I would have it turn out that what was first thought to be the Earth dimension was actually the distant past. That after Mother died, the resulting backlash eventually rendered the planet uninhabitable, forcing humans to abandon aether on an interstellar exodus where they encountered Xion. In other words, it turns out that Earth was the homeworld of the Photoners. It would add an extra layer of irony to Mother's revenge crusade because it turns out that she had a hand in creating her reviled creators.

How did you get in my head? This is pretty much my head canon, regardless what the official™ version may turn out. That's the only way to have any of it make sense and "feel" complete. It even serves the dimensional/karmic/looping theme they've got under the hood (i.e., Xion, Matoi, and I believe there is a case for saying WE (the player) are also Xion's child... who else would have the run of ORACLE FLEET and pretty much any ship or block they come to?).

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I think so far the worst part of the Episode 4 plot is Phaleg Ives. As far as I'm concerned, she supposed to represent Eve from the bible. In the bible so far, she is created out of adam by God himself, she is like supposed to represent the model concept of feminity in the bible. Later on the bible she gave birth to 2 sons (Cain and abel) and raise them together with adam (As she was pregenant by him) as a punishment for eating the apple from the tree by God himself and kicked out of the garden.

But PSO2, they made Eve from the bible represented as this annoying and forced ass-kicking badass girl trope for the sake of ass kicking, and her existence only revolves around that. The plot does not even bother to explain how did she gain those Super-human ninja fighting skills capable of beating entire armies with ease. Not only it is completely bullshit and entirely unauthentic to the bible it'self, her being a super-overpowered challenge opponent at the end is her entire justification of existence in the episode 4 PSO2 lore. This entire thing feels like SEGA is just forcing super strong female character into the game.

Just note: I have nothing against strong female characters in Anime or Games, I just hate horseshit lore writing that is episode 4, and how extremely wacky and oversaturated it is.

Actually, I see Phaleg as an eve/yin/moon/passive deity form; not only an opponent of deus esca by nature, but by purpose and principle. Literally, Mother Nature. Which is why she had a real problem with Mother Corps... just as any mother would if another female tries to muscle into her family and usurp her role.

It would also explain her friendliness to we players, particularly if she knows something we do not (i.e., RedDingo's post on Earth as orgin point of the photoners).

I think if you consider her more as an archetype of many cultural concepts rather than a specific and purist version of one, you'll find it fits quite well.

Or, at least it seems to me.

Phaleg kind of takes away the stakes for Episode 4, because just by being as absurdly strong as she is, it's pretty much all but stated that she would wipe out Deus if ARKS and team Hitsugi failed.

@RedDingo7777 said in Episode 4 lore was honestly pure cringe:

Phaleg kind of takes away the stakes for Episode 4, because just by being as absurdly strong as she is, it's pretty much all but stated that she would wipe out Deus if ARKS and team Hitsugi failed.

And y'know, it is kind of a Mary-sue type of a characteristic. SEGA writers probably know how they made her just absurdly strong for no reason lore wise, so they have to make such compensation for this.

The in-lore explanation is that she's super strong because she perfected her fighting style and body over the course of human history. Barring the fact that the human body just can't get that strong without a handwave like aether or photons, it opens the whole other kettle about just what she and Adam are supposed to be.

In any case, I'd be fine with her superior strength if they played her up as more of a blood knight than humanity's advocate. Hell I'd even be fine with her interventions if they primarily motivated by a desire for a good fight with the ARKS Op down the line. They should have made her a female Elder rather than Adam's archenemy.

EP4 was actually pretty good. I imagine for most there would be a disconnect if you don't know much about world mythology or theology, which the episode revolves around. There are references to multiple different mythological characters in regards to both Adam and Phalag. And the writers leave the actual truth ambiguous enough while simultaneously drawing upon all of these sources. Such as the cross reference of Adam being Melchizedek.

Even with Deus Esca, the manifestation of the Continent of Mu and Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

The fun part was how they tied all of that, all the mysticism of Earth, into the PSO2 lore by having Aether (Ether/Mana) being the source of everything. Its presence basically became a fundamental explanation for the existence of magic. Similar to Photon Particles, but that went through an alteration as a result of cultivating in an alternate universe emanating from Mother's presence. (There were also some Gnostic teachings in all that too, specifically with respect to the Aeon Sophia and her creation, the Demiurge (Deus Esca/God of Creation).

ALSO.... EP4 does add to PSO2's lore. Hitsugi's power manifested as a means to PURIFY corruption, even that resembling Falspawn F-Factors. Meanwhile, we've got the ongoing loop business from EP3 with our alternate time-line self basically sacrificing themselves over and over again to keep control of the Profound Darkness.

So EP4 literally laid the groundwork for a possible solution of using Aether as a means to combat against the F-Factor and not only completely eradicate the Profound Darkness but also put an end to the infinite time loop conflict.

I literally detested ep4 and wish I never bothered.

I hated Kohri, I don’t think I’ve ever hated a fictional character more. She’s not even supposed to be a villain, she’s just manipulated and confused and one of the good guys now. So why is she still that unlikable? Why are her crimes forgiven and brushed off like nothing? Their messed up friendship isn’t written in a way that makes any sense. I didn’t care about the yuri tones, I’m bi so that’s whatever, my problem is it was written horrifically, it’s abuse wrapped in pretty packaging.

She’s literally nicknamed Stalker in a teasing manner, for crying out loud. Hitsugi mentions that her friend is a little odd and this behavior was evident before things went south. So she was always the worst character ever written and I, the hero, am supposed to help anyway? I hate to go there but imagine if this character wasn’t a cutsie schoolgirl.

She’s creepy to her friend and creepy to a child because she has a fetish for shota. What the hell.

I didn’t form attachments to any of these new characters and the story didn’t write them to make me care. My character barely matters at all, I’m just chopped liver standing in the corner while Team Superbesties saves the day and occasionally they nod at me I guess.

I love mythology in games, Ragnarok Online is still my favorite example of this. But nothing can save this idiotic plot.

I legitimately loved ep 1-3 and from what I’ve seen of ep5. Can’t win them all, I guess.

This post got so long that i'm just going to shorten it here with a quote from DBZA Bardock. "of all the STUPID! ASININE! SHARK-JUMPING BS!"

You know, this is a story made in japan so it is what it is, but i watched through episode 1-3 and it was a good enough waste of time. Towards the end of episode 3 with matoi and her beloved crap and the usual naive hero who succeeds no matter how stupid their choices are because the universe was set up so the hero always wins, i just said "nope" and skipped the rest. When it was over, i though to my self "it can't get any worse than this, right?"

Oh, how horribly wrong i was. I could describe how i despise episode 4, but then i would get banned. It might seem weird, considering i didn't even fully watch through the first chapter, but it was more than enough. Just occasionally stopped to watch a little to see if it would get any better, but it only got worse, which was no surprise. Why they needed to add some pretend earth to this is beyond me.

Episode 5? More of the same, except now you are the prophesied chosen one. Damn, it's just a downward spiral of garbage. Is it even possible to hit the bottom? What's next? You become a god or something? Ugh! Transform into a falspawn and "oh, it's just fine, because readings" or some other hand-waving.

Still, as i said, it IS a story written by japanese writers. How anyone can enjoy this is a mystery, but i'm not one to judge what kind of story you enjoy. This might be a rant, but it's over now.

And of course barely anyone complains about how much of a poorly written power fantasy the player character is, it's always Hitsugi who people complain about being a "mary sue"...

I mean really, going from being one of the only two strongest ARKS ops in Episode 4 (which they try to crutch by having NPCs constantly telling you that you're overworking without ever properly showing this fact and without there being a consequence or any other relevant story beat) to being subject to "chosen one" bsery in Episode 5. Let's not forget how in Episode 6, the player character was able to hurt the sparkle machines before ARKS even developed a way to do so.

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I honestly want to see a reverse isekai now after PSO2 Episode 4. (I've already seen "G.A.T.E." by the way.)

I take it you've already seen Re:Creators too? Because if not you definitely should.

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It's possible for the tanks to produce ICBMs by the way. I haven't had one actually hit me, but I had one rocket into the air as I killed the tank that used it. But I'd think those would kill even us as trained military personnel. Considering they're like, 2-3 stories tall.

To be fair, the player character has canonically survived more dangerous threats... An IBCM kind of seems like child's play compared to a failed clone of Xion (Profound Darkness, which it's implied ARKS canonically defeated a good number of times).

@Mattwo7 Hey, if power fantasy was a bad thing (it really is), then it wouldn't be recycled into every damn game that gets made, especially games made in japan, right?

While there is nothing wrong in being more than a real life puny human, there really should be some rules in a fantasy. Well, there COULD be rules, but then it wouldn't be so easy to hand-wave it all when you feel like it, which means there will never be any rules and even if the characters in game claim there are, it's time for a retcon, because who cares? We have time travel and multiverse BS already in the story, so it has taken all the easy, thousand time recycled ways to show everyone, very clearly, that consistency and sense mean absolutely nothing. Consistency and sense, the bane of "writers" everywhere, especially game writers. I'm sad to say this, but it is what it is...

Also, i don't know if you can edit a post but i will just add that i also skipped over all of the Quna idiocy. I realise this is a japanese game, but shees... Do people actually enjoy this? The answer must be yes, which is unbeliveable. Pop star with super powers and a mission. Actually, just thinking about how dump it is makes me laugh!

@Yggranya Everybody's a critic.

...Not everyone is a good critic...

@Mattwo7 I mean honestly, poorly written power-fantasy is just as bad as it is, but honestly I would prefer that to having a School girl with literaly no combat experience suddenly becoming the most powerful katana wielding maiden from the myths. Episode 4 is bad because it did the opposite of powerful protagonist power-fantasy here, now the 'Protagonist' (aka you) is now just some side character, almost irrelevant to the story, where hitsugi nearly takes your place.

@Charus You favoring one over the other doesn't really make either less bad. The player character may have had more experience before becoming the guardian and the "chosen one" but at least 90% of said experience is canonically off-screen and let's not even forget that from the start, with ZERO combat experience, both the player and Afin were able to hold off the falspawn long enough for backup to show in the form of Zeno (the Episode Oracle anime really drove the point home on how little sense this makes).

@Mattwo7 Watching some anime to understand that the story is stupid seems redundant. That is what "the chosen one" thing is most of the time. Can't be "the chosen one" without being ludicrously overpowered, but if you are ludicrously overpowered, then why do any of the other people even exist? Usually in japanese writing this just becomes some "power you can't control" until it's required for the story to progress. PSO2 just jumped right over that into a transformation. Good thing there won't be any negative consequences, because that would be inconvenient. Imagine if the writers actually had to think where to go with the story? Now THAT would be inconvenient.

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Watching some anime to understand that the story is stupid seems redundant

When did I ever say anything along those lines? I said it drove the point home, you don't need to watch it to pick up on things like that unless you're not paying enough attention.

Can't be "the chosen one" without being ludicrously overpowered

Tell that to Neville Longbottom, he may not have been chosen by Voldy but he was still part of the prophecy and given a different and equally important role in the fight against the dark lord.

Heck, aside from his patronus, Harry himself really wasn't that strong, he had to rely on the wit of Snape who tricked Voldy into thinking the Elder Wand obeyed him by letting Voldy kill him instead of pointing out that Draco was the current owner and the bravery of Neville who killed the final horcrux to defeat Voldy once and for all.