Dual Blade bouncer help (NA)

As much as I hate the melee classes in Phantasy Star games, I do need them classcubes, and decided to go with Bouncer for whatever reason. All the skilltrees I found on googled seems outdates, because I cannot find those class skill.

Can someone help me setup a basic soaring blades build, possible shoes only for buffs/supp.

So far I maxed the stances and Photon blades, and took Photon blades escape. Hope I didnt mess up anything to much.

Top 3-5 Dual blades PA to use?

Much appriciated if someone can help me get started with this class. I have a Pure melee mag and a mag I didnt level yet, not decided if dex or tech so far.

Soaring Blade only has 7 PAs anyway. The most commonly used ones are Dash Wing for gap closing, Disperser Shrike for AOE/mobbing, Heavenly Kite for vertical climbing and focus building, and also Kestral Rampage (crafted) for DPS when you don't have Photon Blade Fever active. Photon Blade Fever (skill) is really the best DPS for Soaring Blades, where your weapon action is outputting more damage than any PA you have.

Justice Crow and Immortal Dove are more situational PAs and both have some pretty good uses, but it comes down to experimenting with them. Lastly, Starlings Fall is the best invincibility frame PA for Soaring Blades, so it's used to avoid large AOE boss swipes most commonly.

DEX mag is best for Bouncer but you can get away with using melee if you don't plan on using a Jet Boots build. Note that there is a skill called Bouncer Mag, which converts DEX into 200 M ATK and 200 T ATK.

This website keeps up to date builds.

This document by Ryutensei will help you get started with bouncer. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eFdIE3fB9OgPwWU4ocDO2o8TjDUr_gLkLNweV5vVMP8/edit

For buffing, using Crafted PA to short the activation interval of shifta and deband. R-ring equipping adrenline ring for QoL upgrade. Then you don't have to charge your shifta and deband, just tap to use it, no need to charge.

@nabgil1 As far as Soaring Blades, What I typically use is Dash Wing as my movement PA, Immortal Dove as my ability to "ground" myself, Justice Crow for slow moving big enemies that are far away, and Kestrel Rampage as my gear spender. The basic way to fight with soaring blades is less about being in melee, and more about using photon blades and photon blades Fury effectively.

A very simply combo is simply, Jump into the air, normal attack then weapon action to hover in place while you use photon blades to deal damage. Once your gear gauge is full, move in on the enemy with Dash Wing, then Hit baddie with Kestrel Rampage, use Immortal Dove, and retreat back out of range with your weapon action-- bonus points if you have Photon Blades Homing ring. Essentially, repeat this combo action until your Photon blades Fury is expired, then swap to Jetboots, activate Rapid Boost, grand wave, weapon action to Deband into Movement gale, use weapon action to trigger zanverse, then Strike Gust Zero until your Gear gauge is full, weapon action into Shifta and finish the combo with Jet Sweep Kick (weapon action after charge) for a little bit of Falcon Punch-ery.

Preferred Skill tree set up: https://arks-layer.com/skillsim/skillcalc.php?203qbRIobCIobCIobRIobRIobRIobRIobCIobCIobRIobRIobRIobRIo6dS6dodBdol20fqqqnjdBdBIb00000006dodAiNfeAfrKsNJ26dFdBIo000000jdoIbIb00dAdBIo000000jdoIb00dBdBIb000000dB006dBdBIb0000008dBIn00jdndBdB0000009bIoIo07bfdBdB000000doIbkbfqBfrFbsrArFrKqBqBdBdBIb000000jdB00dndBdB000006dBIo9b8dAIoIb000006dAdBdodAIoibdndn0000000fdAdBdodBindnib0000000fdBdBdodAdBininfdAdAIodo6dAdBdBIb000000000

Required ingredients:

  1. Soaring Blades

  2. Jet boots

  3. Photon Blades Homing Ring

  4. Kick and Tackle Ring

  5. Fun elemental spells to swap your boots element to (I reccomend Ramegid Type 0)

  6. Zanverse

  7. Megiverse

  8. Shifta

  9. Deband

  10. Dash Wing

  11. Immortal Dove

  12. Kestrel Rampage

  13. Grand Wave

  14. Surging Gale

  15. Strike Gust Zero

  16. 1Jet Sweep Kick

  17. Hopes

  18. Dreams

  19. Blood for the blood god

  20. Bake at 350.

For quick weapon swapping, and Sub-pallet swapping, use chat commands and use something similar to these:

Chat command 1: /mpal1 /spal1 /sr KickandTackle(L)

Chat Command 2: /mpal2 /spal2 /sr PhotonBladesHoming(L)

Set up 2 separate sub-pallets, one for each weapon, and relevant skills, and related stances (elemental stance, Rapid Boost, Crit Field, Break Stance, Photon Blades Fury, Megiverse, etc.)

video for ease on how to set this up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKi5vbF5A8M

Wall of text free rotation (Starting with Soaring blades):

  1. Activate Critical Field
  2. Activate Photon blades Fury
  3. jump
  4. Normal attack, soaring blades weapon action, normal attack (this will keep you stationary in the air) repeat until Gear gauge is full.
  5. Soaring Blades weapon action until gear fills.
  6. Move in on enemy with Dash Wing
  7. Kestrel Rampage
  8. Immortal Dove
  9. Retreat to minimum safe distance and repeat steps 3-8 until Photon Blades Fury expires.
  10. Swap to Jet Boots (preference is to set this as chat command 1)
  11. Activate Rapid Boost
  12. (Optional activate elemental weakness of baddie) Grand Wave towards baddie, then weapon action to activate fully charged Deband.
  13. Surging Gale weapon action cancel to skip the first set of attacks and instantly cast a charged Zanverse (When a player inflicts damage to a target while standing in the field, 20% of the damage inflicted is dealt again as Wind damage.)
  14. Strike Gust Zero until your gear gauge is full, then weapon action to cast fully charged Shifta.
  15. Jet Sweep kick (extra damage done with weapon action.
  16. Repeat steps 12-15 until Rapid boost expires.
  17. weapon swap back to Soaring Blades (chat command 2) and repeat all steps.

((Multiple edits for readability))