Support Page Broken

So, i'm trying to reach out to support, however, everytime i try to login via steam i get immediately logged out and sent back to the login page, which renders it impossible to actually contact support, can you know, maybe fix this?


No response at all from support, looking good

It would actually help if you provide more information. You see, on Windows 10 2004 using Edgeium (the new Chromium based Edge) and old Edge, I can log in using my Steam account (that is how I am logged in), select support, go through all of the support, go to the Contact Us section and even post a new support request.

I know that most of the time you have the feeling of "I have this issue therefore it should be self evident", but that may not be the case. Browser settings could make a difference, extensions could be interfering or more. In order to help you, reproducing the error is often the fastest way.

Also, try @ a bunch of the GM names you can see on this board. That may help draw attention.