Three Things I hope for in NGS

First, I hope we have a Collection Folder or similar system so we can pull registered cosmetics (Including event and one-time rewards) out (possibly with resource or material cost) on any character. We could register any cosmetics (Outfits, CAST parts, weapon camos, etc.) and either "apply" them to our current character without needing to use inventory space for them, or simply pull out a character/account bound copy for use on the character.

Second, I hope for Beast race and perhaps some more animal-like appearance for them compared to PSU. I'm trying to keep my expectations of NGS' gameplay reasonable and not get overly hyped because it's going to be a while until we get to play it, so I wouldn't dream of Beast being added unless they were justifiably different from Human/Newman/Deuman/CAST so I'll probably not see this happen.

Third, I hope even though NGS takes place 1000 years after PSO2, I hope we see some returning characters or at least the ones that can't live for 1000 years be memorialized or referenced in NGS' ARKS structure and Oracle Fleet. It'd be awesome to see the non-CASTs that can't live for a thousand years get memorials in the Shopping Plaza or similarly appropriate place, and even better if we can see Regius, Maria, and Zig still kicking around after all this time (And Saga to boot, no pun intended).

One of my biggest peeves with PSO2 right now is event-exclusive or one-time reward cosmetics like the Hero weapon camo we might all get if the twitter gets enough retweets is that I have 5 characters I'll wanna run Hero on and only one of those cosmetics...

I'd also love an ability in the UI to set up an auto-sell or auto-dismantle for specified item types, rarities, etc.

Overall, I'm hyped for NGS and hoping my CAST triplets and Human and Deuman will fit in well.

One of the biggest changes I believe coming is the fact we might get open world areas with NPC Hubs similar to more traditional MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, EverQuest, etc. Some Action MMORPGs have done this in the past, such as TERA, successfully. I wouldn't mind seeing that in NGS myself.

The Partner Card system is completely changing iirc. But we'll have to wait and see. I kind of hope they replace the mag system with a new companion system to merge both Partner Cards and Mags into one.

Another change I hope for is allowing us to have an option to reduce the FPS of the game while the client is inactive (Which Final Fantasy XIV has.) This will allow the game to take less resources while you don't have it focused regardless of your shader settings.

Well, I still have hope for the Beast race, especially since Mags seemed like a blockade for them being added in PSO2 and it would be interesting to see their PB let them transform, sorta like what we're getting in Episode 5, but more usable (if that's the correct word.) I'd also love to see us getting more customizations for our private quarters if we do get one. Maybe more space so things don't feel so cramped even with larger rooms?

Your post has been seen and will be added to other NGS wishes. 😉

Just saw the introduction video and, while I am happy for dashing and gliding... I feel like mounts would be amazing to have (if you guys weren't already thinking about that.) Along with the ability for flight for mounts? Unsure how people would feel about this though since it has good pros and cons.

Considering the Ridroid from the basegame's face looks like partner machinery, I won't be surprised if whatever your MAG is now eventually turns into your mount akin to a Ridroid and then eventually an AIS.

That would definitely be amazing. Though, I can see us being restricted from using the AIS in certain instances. Like if we go to a cave or something.

Don't get your hopes up for "Beast" race since they opted to just add a "Beast" face option in PSO2JP.

@Reilet And...? We can wear CAST heads without being a CAST character with the Ragol Memories. So, the door is still open a bit.


That's because it's a special collab item... If you can find a normal PSO2 cast head for a fleshy, then you can say that again and i'll believe you more.