How do I equip/unequip socks?

I've been in the salon almost every day trying to find out how to unequip socks I put on a long time ago. Can anyone help me? Greatly appreciate it.

It is an accessory?

..Options for removing accessories are in the tabs Fashion > Customize Looks > Change Accessories.

Some socks are body paints, so you need to change your body paint options to remove

They're all classed as body paints.

Most cases they're body paints. In the case of the shrine garb, it's basewear. (Or innerwear, I forgot which.)

Those new loose socks are accessories. Basically at this point there is various ways to have "socks" but I assume its likely body paint in most cases.

This thread just has me imagining some poor ARKS op who's saved the universe/world a few times but has been wearing the same crusty socks for the past year because they just don't know how to take em off.