Where can I find the Cultural History and Back Story of the various Races?

I am looking to learn more about history, culture, and basic story of each race in the game, because to me the story behind the races matters more than than mere stats and looks. But I have looked all over and can't find any real details on them.

The kind of stuff I want to know: Where did these races come from? Do they have their own planets that serve as their home worlds? If so where are they and what are their names? What are the mental and cultural differences between them? Do the various races even have their own unique cultures at all? What are the religious/spiritual beliefs of the different Races? and so on....

Basically I want to know as much as possible about Humans, Newmans, Deumans, and Casts.

Obviously, spoilers ahead:

All playable races in PSO2 are beings the Photoners created after they lost their ability to use Photons. Humans are the baseline, while Newmans were genetically modified to have higher Photon control, Deumans were genetically modified using DNA from a dragon species that has a some Falspawn related traits (ie. the Chrome Dragon), and CASTs are cyborgs converted from any of the above as a lifesaving measure due to a disease that causes their bodies to be unable to take their high Photon potential (it is usually diagnosed shortly after birth).

Culturally they are all pretty much identical since they are all just members of the Oracle fleet, and are essentially nomads without any "home world" outside of the Oracle Mothership (which itself is a planet converted by the Photoners into a space faring vessel at the planet's request).

Also by the time of 3rd generation ARKS the differences have become for all intents and purposes cosmetic.

Dont know if your care about the beast race. Was in PSU as a genetically modified work horse type, so had a melee advantage. The original PSO story was a lot more compeling to me tho.