Can't hold the hype, what's your goal?

First goal find a group to play with as I have 0 xbox friends and my wife is not interested. While obtaining that goal I am going to try out as many classes/weapons as possible. Gotta find that right fit.

To patiently wait for PC information, as I will NOT be getting an Xbox.

I want to feel attached to my character the same/close way I'm attached to the one on the Japanese version, it might sound weird to you but yeah that's my goal lol.

@Moonsae I understand that, I want the same, usually why I also don't make alts

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@Moonsae I understand that, I want the same, usually why I also don't make alts

you dont make atl character ? you know that pso2 101 you need to make atl character to build meseta right ? Im am old veteran PSO2 player of 2012, meseta on taco at one point was pain and we had to do taco gain as mush meseta and had to wait hole week for the next one they were very long progress at that year if your not a premium in that year of 2012, making a alt character is good to gain access to make meseta for many things, if you are going to be an premium player the trade system and your shop is your best option if you dont like making alt characteras, but keep in mind that if YOU NOT a premium your going to have to make alt character if you want to gain some Bank meseta, that also doing your daily meseta side code quest . doing one character is still good thing but if your not a premium player and your just an free account player the your progress will slow you down when making that Meseta, just to let you know off hand , Goal are great to complete but meseta is more important when you have to craft/ upgrade and build up your equipment and style buying outfits

@OldGamer Thanks for telling me! I didn't know that, I might look into premium then. But honestly... I have no idea about PSO at all, so I don't even know what meseta is. I hear a lot about that and other stuff but I have no idea what any of it is

@Clain oh Meseta is in game money, that is the currency of money value for pso2 🙂 as PSO2 player in JP server I once teach a free player how to make 8,000,000 meseta without being a Premium player, he he made a lot of in game money with in one day just by making just by dealing with daily quest and Daily Meseta side quest code, Meseta is very important so yeah best way to aviod making alt is being A Prem. Player 😁 and that reason its one my goals to help anyone here and in the game of PSO2 that my main goal is help out new players 🙂

@OldGamer Thanks for the explanation 😄 !

@Kedlin313 feel better!

My goal: -Learn the game -Master my class -Raise my three primary pets (filling candy box etc.) -Costumes (I'm only interested in a handful of costumes) -Try crafting

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I've been sent home from work as I have been coughing intermittently through the day.. I have to take tomorrow off while I seek advice from occupational health services.. this virus has people all bent outta shape over the tiniest symptom, I always get a cough this time of year, though admittedly it's a lil late this year for me. Part of me hopes I'll be back in work Tuesday, the other part wants Domino's delivery, mountain dew and pso2.. I'll keep ya posted.

You have my "get well" wishes, as well as my wish that you thoroughly enjoy your time in PSO2 while you recover.

I made the Cardinal Sin and logged into my JP account and reminded myself of what happened in the Closed Beta. I just hope Sega did the right thing come this launch.