Can't hold the hype, what's your goal?

I'm exited for this game just as I was on June 2012 when I tried it for the first time. We will be finally be able to play a version directed to us.

My goal will be to bring as many friends as I can into the game, as many of them lost interest in these 8 years. But I'm planning on spamming them with streams and pictures until they try it for themselves.

After I get more friends to play with, my next goal will be to have a lot of outfits and try to have every class at max on one character? Only if I get bored of Phantom when I finally try it hahaha!

What are your goals?

My goals are helping my alliance grow, work on Photo tree (I think it's so pretty when it's grown). Maxing all classes on my Newman not really worried about race bonuses. Then my prime focus @_@ Costumes and room decor \o/

My goal is to also help my alliance grow, and help newcomers along to have the opportunity to unlock their true potential. Secondary goal is to max all my characters out, and excel as a hunter main. Finally, to have fun and share the experience with others.

My goal is to make sure I somehow still get enough sleep after this gets released xD

My goals are:

  • Transfer all of my autowords and shortcuts from JP to NA
  • Alliance Level 5
  • Get 2 classes to 75, then all to their 75 point for stats
  • Start farming units with affixes and 5+ slots for selling
  • Make a bunch of friends!

my goal is to help others who need help and become an elite player and help the alliance team Guild if possible and support Sega

My goals are:

  • Recreate my JP character in the NA version.
  • Grind to Level 75... over time (based on my schedule)
  • Help new players and interact with the community.
  • Do more of my usual wiki-documenting for PSO2 NA. xD

My goal is amassing meseta/AC items do that I can finally get REALLY good 8 slots without the anxiety of slowly adding slots to equipment and the frustration of failing at slot 7.

Meseta will give me more access to higher slots with better affixes and AC items will allow more safeguards along the way.

My gaols are:

  • Get my alliance back to it's glory days in the NA release.
  • Get all 7 of my characters remade and geared up again
  • Become known as that Volcano Packer guy who has it in every color under the sun.
  • I'm gonna become invinsible.

I've been sent home from work as I have been coughing intermittently through the day.. I have to take tomorrow off while I seek advice from occupational health services.. this virus has people all bent outta shape over the tiniest symptom, I always get a cough this time of year, though admittedly it's a lil late this year for me. Part of me hopes I'll be back in work Tuesday, the other part wants Domino's delivery, mountain dew and pso2.. I'll keep ya posted.

I'm hoping to make some great friends, try to get to know everyone in the alliance I joined well. Also having fun in the game, I want to level up and try to get better but also have fun doing it, not going to focus too much on leveling. I also want to buy a bunch of different outfits, I like to draw and would like to draw my character in them. Also, trying to do well at the casino, I'm addicted lol

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was.......

Play with people I know IRL, people they know, and others who operate outside the norm of typical MMO behavior. That's my beginning goal. The remaining goal is having as much fun playing as possible.

My goals are:


*Lvl all class to max.

*Fill my rooms with all sort of stuff.

*Harness the power of the element as a force cast or a cast Techter .

*Get in a alliance … i am more of a play and do thing without mic/extensive chatting (solo/pub).

*More cosmetics.

Thanks guys for sharing! I'll need to redo my list of goals with so many options and ideas hahaha. I believe the most important goal it's just to have fun 🙂