Deposit all materials button as well as use materials from storage.

Similar to Guild Wars 2, where you can press the cog in your inventory and instantly send all your materials to your stash... In this game it's even more streamlined being able to deposit anything to your stash from anywhere, so why not add that quality of life?

In addition to that, I'd like to be able to use non-locked materials at vendors instead of having to open storage each time, or when enhancing weapons/crafting photon arts/etc let us use support items/materials from our stashes.

Certain items are already automatically sent to material storage upon certain actions:

alt text

Receiving items from your auxiliary doesn't trigger this, obviously. But you're almost always going to be near a storage terminal in that case. I make a habit of always going to my storage terminals after 2-3 quests/missions and using Batch Move to Material Storage.

ah, looks like I need to pick up material storage once I got enough for the 90 days.