Ship 02: AFFIRM Alliance - Beginner & Sherpa focused Alliance

[Note: I no longer run AFFIRM]

Hey there! I'm Anamana!

AFFIRM wants to empower new members to improve, and have fun. We also want to teach new members what they should know, in as simple as a manner as we can. We hope that they'll eventually grow to being strong members of our alliance, being able to help future newcomers.

We are interested in members that want a welcoming environment to learn, first and foremost. Therefore, our priorities are teaching, and fun. So, if you come purely for one or the other, or both, that is all you should expect as a minimum. We all have different goals and interests, (fashion, improve as a player, end-game build, etc) and as long as we can play together, and have fun, in the end. That's all that matters.

NOTE: we've been getting a lot of requests to join from people already in Alliances. We cannot send invites to people in alliances and will not be chasing folks up in this regard.

Things we aim to do: Daily Orders, Team Quests, Emergency Quests, Featured Quests, Advanced Quests. Beyond that, we will be open to doing anything that fulfils an Ark's Mission, and anything that helps us achieve our goals.

Type of Team: Teaching, Fun, Improvement, Social

We have a google sheet that shall list important information for ourselves and newcomers alike to benefit from. Which can be found in our alliance discord.

We reside on Ship 2 on the NA Server. Get in touch: AFFIRM Discord:

AFFIRM Alliance

We had 13 members and are growing. Feel free to send me a message if there are any questions. Excited as today is the day we get to play on NA again. I look forward to meeting y'all.

We've had about 4 people join today alone, it's shaping up to be a fun launch day! Lots of new friends and team mates!

Just a heads up, we're currently at 22 Members / 100! If you want that special Alliance campaign emote, we're already at the Team Points quota!

40/100 members at this time. Alliance points are also being gained swiftly.

Just hit 46 members!

Note, we've been getting a lot of requests to join from people already in Alliances. Please leave your current alliance first if you wish to join. The game does not allow inviting players already in alliances. This clogs up our mail list with invalid requests.

Been in the alliance since start of OBT. Its a good group of people who are willing to help you if you ask. Also having a lot of fun running content with the members who already hit 75.

We just hit 60 members yesterday too! Chat is always active and everyone is very nice!

We are now at 91 members. We have people active throughout the whole day, and chat is always active.

Updated Discord link:

We are still alive and have a rather healthy tree that is maxed out and plenty of trigger hoarding ARKs eager to slay some baddies!

Just join the Discord and voice your interest, we will facilitate the process of joining as soon as we are able.

Hello there!~ Interested to join! I am a mature (over 25 years old) gamer just looking to chill and run some stuff with peeps and have fun. I try my best to be decently geared but i am no means a master of PSO2 haha. I pull aggro sometimes so i must be doing something right tho 🙂

I am quite busy irl (job and gf) and may not make some events but im quite active and always max out weekly AP.

Feel free to contact me on discord: Lacara#1248

@LacaruPine thanks for the interest! We got ya in the Discord.

We now have two event nights, and are planning to expand to one extra day. Welcome to 2021.