Launcher mobility walking and shooting

@Golden_Syrup so you want to run while shooting with a bazooka and have no drawback, also is pretty obvious you don't play with ranger if not you will know that rangers don't want to move, they lose damage when moving and the fact that launchers don't let you run is perfect for that

@Jamesmor If a Ranger wants to stand still and fire they can im suggesting adding mobility and fire. Overall it gives 2 play styles when using the launcher.

Something tells me English isn't your first language.

@Golden_Syrup said in Allowing the ranger to move while using their normal attack with The Launcher.:

@Tarina The Threads Are Separated to keep each topic organised. And Im Sharing Suggestions That Others havent Shared Yet.

Nobody has shared these ideas, because they are all poorly thought out, aren't balance oriented, and thus far just generally aren't good. Your entitled to your opinion of the game, but you sound like a former Fortnight player with that whole option to run and Bazooka thing. And you also seem new to MMO oriented games in general. There has to be draw backs to using different classes, and each class has it's respective strengths and weaknesses. That's the whole point of having different classes in any MMO game, as doing otherwise, you might as well just make one class with zero nuance, and make the whole game bland and boring.

@Anarchy-Marine Nobody Has Shared This Ideas Cause They Havent Considered Sharing them. They Are Beyond Your Scope. The Suggestions are Suggestion they are an idea thats put forth. To Help With The Development Of Pso2. Developers Appreciate Suggestion Than A Opinionated Player Debating Everything. Golden Syrup

Playing a CAST I would love to go Gundam and build a MS-09 Dom that can fire a launcher on the move. However, unless it is a special skill ring, skill stance, or unique launcher it looses all flavor if the lancher is a single shot aoe rifle. A build that reverses the dynamic to mobile launcher and statinary, prone or crouching with rifle could be fun.

@Golden_Syrup This game has existed eight years in Japan. Im pretty sure many of the games core mechanics have already been tweaked enough in that regard. They already had eight years of feedback for class movements, strengths, weaknesses etc.