Stop bullying and racism in game

Stop bullying and racism in game please, have also reported to a GM and via in-game reporting.

No place for it.


removed 2nd image containing character names.


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That's your own personal quarters though?....

Don't tell me someone went to your PQ and gave you free symbol art projectors and you have full control to disallow that and you're still going to complain. I'm not buying it. Seems like something you set up to help your point.

2nd picture is out of context. "shut up" is I guess a bit harsh to some people. But ESRB doesn't rate online interactions and someone might say shut up once. We also don't know who is being told to shut up- they could be much more toxic. Either way- that's what the report button is for if you really think someone saying to shut up is reportable. As for the person directly responding to you- why even talk to them if they're gonna be mean about things? You can always choose not to engage people.

Dunno what's up with the first pic but the second pic is taken out of context when Smiler came to our alliance block instigating drama (nice try trying to witch hunt btw). I have full chat logs if you want proof 😉

You do understand one of your officers came to my PQ giving me death threats in game and in your discord, right Smiler? Why are you trying to act innocent?

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Quit being a crybaby SJW.

I assumed it was something like that. I run a lot of groups too and I've seen the most pointless vendettas that start from the smallest things. Well- no point turning this topic into one whole alliance backing up their own alliance against one single person who is a little frustrated. Sh*t happens. I'm sure at this point one alliance knows the topic exists and it could turn into targeted harassment with one side hoping some in-game penalty happens. (Which it won't) There's tools to use to stay away- and whether you like it or not.. the one in the wrong is who takes the first move.

With that being said- an RL threat is more severe than anything that is going to happen inside PSO2 so if that did happen- you don't want to blow this out of proportion with GMs if it can be used against you. You won't win anything.

Hi all. I would remind everyone that there is no witch-hunting allowed on our public forums. If there is an issue, please use the Submit Ticket feature as @coldreactive mentioned.