PSA: No one cares you're boycotting

Just a friendly announcement that literally none of us care you're not playing PSO2 or the NA server. It's so annoying coming on here everyday to read people whining about how much they hate Sega or Microsoft or the PSO2 team. As much as you guys seem to want to boycott the game, you sure come on the game's forums to complain about it. Seriously, just go play the hundreds of other games you mention, or stay on JP where you're happy.

PC will come eventually. It's not the end of the world if you can't play it first. Please stop writing essays in the forums about how angry you are. And please don't attack our amazing community management team. Seriously, these dudes are doing an amazing job with social media and the forums. I am going to be super upset if one of you trolls taints their fun and spunkiness.

TLDR; Just don't play it post if you don't plan on playing. If you have feedback give it constructively.

While the irony of the post amuses me (no hate, but moaning about moaners always gives me a smile) I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment.

@Kedlin313 said in PSA: No one cares you're boycotting:

While the irony of the post amuses me (no hate, but moaning about moaners always gives me a smile) I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment.

Yeah, I felt the irony while writing it but god it's just so frustrating hopping on here looking for new things to find out, hype to get drawn into, or content to enjoy, only to see that there's someone complaining in a thread, or starting a new thread. Same with the subreddit for this game.

I get people are upset that the underdog console got a really good exclusive for a couple months so not many people have it but at the same time... it's literally only a couple of months at worse. They said PC is coming Spring 2020. It might even launch with the game for all we know and then at that point it seems even more silly to be upset over given it would just be two betas being the exclusive period. As for the other systems, I mean, the game is coming to us nearly a decade late and really only thanks to Microsoft to begin with... just be happy we got the game and that worse case scenario you can play it on a budget PC with low settings.

Yeah. I could've waited. I've always been PS4/PC, the kids all have Switches... I had the choice of waiting or buying an Xbox and I bought the xbox. No regrets, it's a pretty decent but of kit and Gamepass is phenomenal. This games gonna be epic.

Agreed. I have a PC, but I got an Xbox One because I could, for PSO2. It's understandable that some may be frustrated, but they and we should be grateful it's coming at all. We simply must have patience, because eventually we'll be having cross-play and this will be all forgotten.

Who is posting this and why do we care about their opinions?

@Rantious Someone who cares about the game and community. You don't have to care, but if you don't care about the game then please don't post here. It's that simple. Go post somewhere that is about things you do care about.

@StrumerJohn wat.

Also what is the point of this post.

PSA: No one cares you don't care that people boycotting lmfao.

@Rantious Re-read your previous question and my response, which answered your questions. I'm not here to argue with you. Maybe this thread is counterintuitive, but the point be that the general negativity in this forum is getting bothersome to people who are coming on here to get excited about the game. Look at some of the recent posts in some of these other threads lately. Look at one of the other recent new threads made... it's such a mood killer to come on here hyped up just to see things like that.

@Rantious said in PSA: No one cares you're boycotting:

@StrumerJohn wat.

Also what is the point of this post.

PSA: No one cares you don't care that people boycotting lmfao.

I care. These people complaining are getting really annoying lately. If they really don't want to play, then they should just move on with their lives 🤷♂

The thing is, they're a vocal minority and bringing them to light gives them power. The game will come out on PC and they'll play and be happy. Those who only want to play the JP version will eventually move on and do that. This is temporary and fleeting.

That is a good point, yet I also think it's important to try to get them to understand that eventually we'll all be playing together regardless, and as you said, the feeling would be fleeting, but calming them down would be a healthy path for our community. If they don't listen, then we can move on with our day.

@StrumerJohn but doesn't this thread add to that "general negativity" by showing that in fact you DO care about people boycotting in some sense. So much so that it motivated you to create a thread and defend yourself on it. If you really didn't care that people were boycotting you should just post some low-effort response to them directly like, "LMFAO wHO cAREAS HAHA Xd."

But by making a thread you're making more noise in general, giving "them" another place to talk about boycotting, and fanning the flames of whatever resentment is out there. It's the same trash that happened with Dexit on Pokemon SwSh, lol.

My point is that if you REALLY do not care that people are not going to play to game, either ignore it because it doesn't matter since you won't be playing with them, troll them a little by posting something low effort... Or... Just say "K" and move on.

It's not that bad here but on Twitter it is really annoying.