So - Who else is a part of this exclusive "All Achievements" Club?

I just recently got super exciting after doing everything else (again) on steam... (Some tips are located at the bottom of this post.)

alt text

alt text

Just a few tips:

  • Solo quests count as "Single-Party" Areas. (Such as Story.) For boss achievements.
  • If you already have a level 30 class from the MS Store version or have yet to receive the achievement for it, you must MANUALLY CHANGE TO THAT CLASS via class change. You CANNOT use Loadouts, as it doesn't register the proper class change flag.
  • SUPER EXCITING!! is completely random. You need [TRIPLE] 20 60Points to get it. (It's technically as rare as Bullseye (50) and Miss (0 points.))
    • The furniture item used to get this achievement is called "Trick Darts" and is available from the FUNporium's FUNdamentalist Edwahl for 5000 FUN. Its furniture cost is 1, so it can be placed in a free personal quarters.
  • The Lilipan Symbol in the Casino changes positions based on what block you're on.
  • You can change your mag Photon Blast type to Troy via the Ex-Cube Shop for An Extremely Enraged Mag. Each PB Device costs 8 Ex-Cubes. To use it, click on the mag you want to change, and choose "Use Device" and select the Troy PB Device.

some day when RNG decides to be in my favor to that dart achievement I gonna get all