Regarding the lack of links to the mobile games (idola, PSO2es)

If we're not going to get PSO2es in any way or form, we should at least get the free increased storage that PSO2es gave JP players. I would like to propose increasing basic storage by 100 slots to compensate.

Likewise, the inability to link Idola and PSO2 Global is also an issue, as we're losing out on an entire shop- including a weekly 100 SG. If the ability to link our accounts will never come to Global.... Why not make this amount of SG available through another means? Perhaps as an exchange for a large quantity of Photon Boosters, or Challenge Miles?

Share your thoughts/discuss.

I don't see why they couldn't just dump the entire shop into the CM shop. The mode is basically dead, so it would bring some life to it.

They gave us 200 sg like -okayhopeyouresatisfied-.. But the main bonus was definitely the storage space. So i'm all for that in any way.