I will be closing this thread for several reasons.

  1. There is no topic to discuss as it is just an insult to a company. If your opinion is about the founder's pack then there is already a thread for that. If this opinion is about PC not getting a beta there is already a thread for that.
  2. It was derailed multiple times.
  3. It's causing people to flame each other and it's getting out of hand.

I would like to remind people of the following:

Respect & Safety a. Sharing or posting content that contains any amount of hostile, profane, or vulgar language.

Spamming & Trolling b. Replying to another user’s post/comment with the intention to disrupt, insult, or invalidate the user’s opinion in an aggressive or offensive manner. d. Sharing or posting irrelevant, off-topic, or rage/rant content.

Remember the game is rated M for mature, but the forums are not. This is a minor warning for those who haven't been warned before.