[Ship 3] Dragon Tea (EN) - Maxed Tree Buffs - Beginner/Veteran Friendly - Social Alliance


Alliance Name: Dragon Tea

Leader: Lashette

Ship: 3 - Block 17 Cafe

Language: English

Type: Casual, Friendly, Fun

Communication: Discord and chat in-game

Hey Fellas! In preperation for Episode 5 were opening doors to new recruits! Please don't hesitate to stop by and chat with us. Were friendly and knowledgeable, a great home for newcomers and veterans alike!



Bump! It's a great alliance! Check it out! also @HybridCivic you gotta bump that post sir leader x3, hope u guys r well

Still looking for some nerds to hang out with, get in here!

Bumpers, e5 days away 😆

Bump! We have a new glorious leader, Lashette! Come hang out 😆

Well not so glorious but hey come join us. We welcome pretty much anyone in as long as they are respectful to other members. From beginners to vets we welcome all.

Daily bump, we are current going through an activity check in our alliance, still got a lot of space for new members. Please note we are looking for members who are active and not gonna burn out two days after they join. Also if your player ID is still a PN Number and not an actual name please change it before you apply. Please also keep in mind that if you whisper us we may be afk and could miss that. I can be reached on Discord @ Lash#2936.

More new content, more fun to be had come on and join us.

We are still recruiting new members. Do come check us out.

Nothing new to state other than we are still actively recruiting for new members who are active.

cleaned up the inactives, and now have a lot of space for new members to join.

We are definitely in search for more active members so come hit us up if you're looking for an alliance.

PSO2 day over, still in need of new active members. we have future plans of wanting to run full alliance groups.