Zig doesn't have aether fuse upgrades listed in his "shop"

I'm well aware the new buffed yamato quest (Imposing Iron Assault) isn't until next week but Zig's shop inventory doesn't reflect the aether fuse items that will drop (since I assume you would have to do maintenance or at least restart the server to actually update said shop).

I feel like we aren't going to get said shop since the aether fuses upgrade both Old-type and New-type weapons would be upgraded in it. >.<

Devs seem to avoid editing shops which makes me think the above -see casino shop until episode 4-. x.x

Bump. After doing some research, jp got said zig upgrade shop that uses aether fuses at the same time as the upgraded yamato quest which makes me think this is either a bug (they forgot), have no plans to put said upgrade shop in (likely, they don't seem like implementing any shops that they would have to take old-type weapons out of), or have other plans for some odd reason.

The Imposing Iron assault news page discussed the Aether fuses use. Unless it's an enhancement thing since it involves potency, it was probably an accident on their part.

Aether fuses are used for both potentials and zig upgrades and the news pages has stuff about potentials, but nothing about zig upgrades.

I did search over those weapons, for what it looks like Imposing Iron Assault does gives the upgraded versions of the weapons that require Aether Fuse however we don't have access to upgrade the weapons from Earth Series or they simply didn't added those weapons and forgot to remove the fuses with then

Yes we have the weapons, but can't upgrade the weaker ones through Zig. The Aether fuses are also used for potentials of the weapons.

If we don't get it by the release of episode 5 (which should add more Zig upgrade options) I will assume sega has no plans on giving us these aether fuse upgrades.

I will still complain and call it a bug though until something is done though.

Keep in mind, originally these rematches came in episode 5, that's why they can drop 14* gear super rarely (and very highly coveted 14* items like Rykros Staff). The use for aether fuses will be added with Episode 5.

In JP, yes, the fuses were usable immediately... Because it was already Episode 5. We still only have a small subset of Episode 5 items and a bulk of them will come... of course... with Episode 5.

Actually no, said rematch (and upgraded yamato) came out at the end of episode 4. The zig aether fuse trade in was in episode 4, and the aether fuse potentials were also in episode 4.

Upgraded Yamato (which dropped aether fuses), the zig aetherfuse turn in, and the aether fuse potential all came out July 5th 2017 on jp. Rematch came out 2 weeks later.

Episode 5 came out a couple weeks after that.

I guess we'll see if sega added it in during our episode 5 maintence (I doubt it though, but here's hoping).

Edit: I'm surprised. Upgrade shop is there with ep5. Topic can be closed.