How To Change Colour Of head Accessories

How Do I Change The Colour Of The 4 Accessory head Pieces On My Character. Input Is Appreciated Thanks

If the accessory is not fixed-color, then they will only change to match the color of your Outfit or Outerwear (and in some uncommon cases your Basewear). There is no way to specifically change the color of only the accessories separate from that.

Some accessories are locked, and you can't change their color. Other accessories will change color, but you can't change the color manually. They'll pull the color from a different part of your outfit (most commonly, your outfit/outerwear's dye color or your hair color, but it can also be your skin color or your "basewear color" (which is sometimes unintuitive)).

If you're not wearing an outerwear, accessories that pull from your outerwear color will pull from your last-worn outerwear. So you can kinda choose colors for your accessories in that case, by making an outerwear dyed the color you want, equipping it, and then removing it.