No psVita version?

@SirDoodlesAlot Why would it not matter? It tells a company that profit coming from a discontinued system would be a huge risk factor. No one in their right mind would invest time and money into porting a game onto a dead system. With no new customers buying vita except for the left over stock, the population will decline very quickly if not near non-existent without a viable way to replenish such consumers.

Japan version is already discontinuing their PSO2 service on the Vita, which in itself is already self-explanatory of the current state with Vita when Japan itself had the biggest market for Vitas compared to anywhere else in the world that released the Vita.

@Someguy503 , but PSO2es is a completely different game... it really wouldn't fill the gap the PS Vita version had since it isn't even a port.

The game is an entirely separate game that simply uses some data from the main game and lets you sync a small amount of EXP. Gameplay-wise... its not that great unfortunately and the only reason many ofus even bothered with it is because it was the easiest way to get Arks Cash in JP.