PSO2es and Idola Content

Are we going to see any of the PSO2es costumes or even Idola stuff at some point? Some of the PSO2es Weaponoid costumes are really cool and fun and I will be terribly upset if we miss out on costumes because PSO2es likely will never be a thing for our server. We do have all the weapons already available for unique weapons badges and theres even weaponoid boosters so its not like some of this stuff hasnt been implemented already but it would be nice to know.

Probably never happen.

Official Idola release without germany? Guys whats going on? xD

@mickschen Idola is being released by a different company so different rules will be applied to the app than for PSO2, also for what I found it won't be connected to PSO2 but not for being different publisher after all the publisher of Idola did try to see a way to link both games

@mickschen Unlike PSO2 which is being handled by Sega itself, the Global version of IDOLA had been licensed out to a different publisher and operator with no relation to Sega. This is the reason why there's no account linking similar to the JP version. IDOLA might be expanded to more regions in the future though; the Closed Beta was exclusive to Asia and Oceania.

@Zangor17-0 It might come eventually in the future though much like anything tied to things we don't have on our servers, the distribution method may be altered. Don't count on it but... given that IDOLA content released around EPISODE 5 (I think) and EP 5's release is quite close to the IDOLA global release, there's a window of opportunity present there though... whether Sega takes that opportunity or chooses to distribute those items at another time is to be seen.

Im hopeful for Weaponoid outfits considering the weapons and weaponoid boosters from PSO2es somehow made it into the unique weapon badge shop. Also the Sigma weapons are from PSO2es since there wasnt a way to get them they just made them general drops it seems. so im hopeful they just find some other means to deliver at least the cosmetics if not partner cards.

Would definitely be nice if this kind of content could be given an alternative distribution. The regular SG source would be nice too but for the time being our Mission Pass more or less makes up for that.