Does anyone knows how to fix xbox stuttering and I don't mean in a lobby

Lag or something else?

So I been dealing with this mess for over a year I have everything off and everything at the lowest I can put it I can't play the game at this point but everything like sound and music and everone else can move and please don't say get a pc because I can't buy one

If it's been over a year then it isn't something to do with this game. My first suggestion would be to clear the cache if you haven't already. The other possibility that comes to mind isn't a pretty one: you might have some failing hardware issues, which means repair or replace, neither of which is fun.

@zaffy2005 how do I deleted the cash and what will that and I don't get why I will have hard wear problems I have never drop or hit my console

I believe there's something in the system settings about deleting the cache. Unplugging the console for a few minutes also sometimes helps. As for hardware failure that doesn't require blunt-force trauma. Every time you use something it gets worn down little by little. If you do a lot of gaming, if the system isn't in a well-ventilated area (like if it's stuffed into a cabinet or tight shelves), if the room it's in is generally hot, or dusty, or humid, etc., these are all factors that can play into wearing it out faster. And just simple "old age;" if it's a console you've been playing on for years and years. Processors wear out, the tiny motors don't spin as fast as they use to, and that creates laggy response time in everything it does. There are a lot of tiny, delicate parts to consoles, computers, and other electronics that can wear out over time and render an otherwise "functional" device completely useless.

@zaffy2005 ok thank I think sorry I don't know what to do I deleted and redownloaa the game but it still do I guess I unplug it next it could be my fan I guess idk

Thank sorry this is just so annoying because it only this game that does this

@R4TED-xData36 said in Does anyone knows how to fix xbox stuttering and I don't mean in a lobby:

Thank sorry this is just so annoying because it only this game that does this

If this is the only game that does it, how has it been happening for over a year (this game's been out on xbox for ~6 months)? I think the other guy assumed you must have seen it in other games too if you said that, which would lead to it being network/hardware issues vs a PSO2-only problem.

@R4TED-xData36 Which console are you using? Is it an Xbox One original, a slim, or one of the One X models?

@zaffy2005 so I took it apart and clean it and it still happens lobby runs ok I have a bit of stutter every hour or so when I'm in lobby but when I fight it happens and then don't turns off

@Akonyl in other games I don't have this problem

OK so update it happens even when I'm playing in the casino is it possible my settings

The problem is that you are using an Xbox One S. That has lower specs and is more poorly designed than even an original Xbox One. This game doesn't run that well on the Xbox One S at all.

@Ragnawind are you serious hell now I'm pissed thank I guess sorry