Worry about a bad PC port.

I am worry about getting a bad PC port of the game. This goes way back to Microsoft buying off Bungi for Halo for their Xbox Launch.We PC gamers got one of the worse PC ports in history back then.

The game was literally built for and released on PC 8 years ago. Don't worry.

As the other poster said, the PC will be fine. The XBOX version is the only port. The Western PC version will use the JP PC version as a base with the localization changes just added, as well as the new log-in system since there is no SEGA ID outside of Japan..

The game was made and released first on PC in Japan. The "port" is the Xbox One version which was developed for the Western market and will be releasing first in North America.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Do we know if its a Windows store nightmare or its own launcher like in JP ?

The Support page made mention that the game would be using its own launcher. @KieranX

The MS Store (and Steam) will simply be a 'distribution platform'.

@Ragnawind said in Worry about a bad PC port.:

The XBOX version is the only port.

Xbox One is literally just Windows 10. They don't need to port it.

The Western PC version will use the JP PC version as a base with the localization changes just added

We also have the "Mission Pass" system added, which it seems the JP version will not have. In addition, PSO2es gear drops as normal drops, and Old Type weapons do not exist, or have been changed into New Type. It also seems the UI colors and textures have been changed slightly. Unless I'm not seeing correctly, or the screenshots were taken with a physical camera/phone, despite the game having screenshot support.

@coldreactive , I mean that's assuming that they ported it by making the game a UWP which even so has some things to take into account (e.g, PSO2 PC runs on Directx9, UWP uses DirectX11 and 12). Plus there's the integration of functionalities exclusive to the Xbox One 'port'. Conclusion, its a port in the sense that there did have to be code alterations to get it to run on Xbox One, even if these code alterations are minor...