New Character Overhead Display

Hey everyone !

I've been playing PSO2 for a loooong time since it's release in Japan and I couldn't be more frustated about Character overhead Display availables.

Wouldn't it be easier to give us the ability to choose what we want to see instead of giving us preset displays ?

Or atleast give us like HP Bar + Character Name + Guild icon i'd be thrilled to have that honestly ! OR Hp Bar/ PP Bar + Character Name + Guild Icon

Don't know you guys think, but it could be much comfy to be able to customize that part of the game freely..

@Bamboustache Overall customization of the UI in general would be nice.

@Anarchy-Marine Yeah but let's start with small changes and climb up to the whole UI I guess 😮 SEGA is shy about those kind of stuff.

I remember going through the options and not being too impressed, so I'm in favor.