A small change to Fresh Finds that I would like to see.

Let's say you see something in Fresh Finds that you think you might want. So you want to preview it right? Well you can't. You don't have enough star Gems to even reach the preview window.

Why is that a thing? Why do I need to buy/earn StarGems just to get a preview of the item? Was this intentional? There's a chance people will buy SG and then reach the preview window only to realize they do not like the way the cosmetic looks and have wasted their money(if they purchased).

This is how it works now. https://streamable.com/x8mjxk

This is how it should work. https://streamable.com/0u5h3z

Please take this into consideration.

I believe they made changes trying to do this and at least for me- it's very buggy. Mission pass items is a good example of this- you can preview the items on your character but they snap back almost instantly so you can only see it for half a second or so. Obviously this is a bug. Fresh Finds was in the patchnotes to be given a preview but as it is now- it makes you feel like you're about to confirm sale without being able to preview(for all I know you get no preview- I haven't bought anything recently so I wouldn't know).. But I thought maybe it was just me.

It just makes sense for it to work like the latter streamable- I wish it would do so.

I'd like to see this get fixed too. Since it's still fairly new, I'm hoping they can update it to work more like the Scratch, Visiphone, or Mission Pass previews where you see the items regardless. A lot of times I'd like to see what I'm missing out on even if I don't intend on buying it.