PSA for #PSO2giveaway Twitter & Facebook Giveaway

Spamming Twitter and Facebook using this hashtag in your own posts isn't going to contribute toward meeting the goal. Wait for the official postings and like/retweet them when they're available.



Here are the official posts to retweet: (from%3Aplay_pso2) since%3A2020-09-16&src=typed_query&f=live

Facebook's not so clean because it is a dumpster fire, but these are the posts you're looking for: star online 2 - global %23pso2giveaway&epa=SEARCH_BOX 4cc4b45a-d174-4541-a6b6-9c02f5d70de1-image.png

The news items for all the episode 5 stuff for me still haven't loaded even after refreshing a dozen times on each. So I didn't even know there was a giveaway. literally says OR Likes on Facebook posts that include the hashtag.. lol so Facebook posts made with the hashtag do in fact contribute to it

@Tri-Edge Neat that you think that. Can you prove it?

First off I'll be real, I don't give a shit about this campaign. I'll just sit back and let everyone else do that since everyone gets rewards.

Second, if you have basic reading skills, it literally says that in both pics you posted. I'm off this post, as it seems like you're trolling or are unfortunately illiterate. Have a good one bud

Here's the real thing: Let's say that the entire PSO2 community somehow retweets all the wrong posts, only retweeting/liking non-official posts that include the hashtag.

Do you really think SEGA is just going to look at the entire playerbase and go "Sorry, bubs. Shoulda read the fine print! Suckers!" ? There's zero chance. Unlike a campagin that's based on individual rewards that they might want to be more technical about, there's no way they would just snub the entire playerbase over a technicality.

Also, if you think that wording is ambiguous, here's the twitter version:

Are you excited for Episode 5?

Retweet this and other posts that include the hashtag #PSO2giveaway between 9/16 (end of maintenance) and 9/29 (beginning of maintenance) for a chance to earn rewards for the PSO2 Community!


"and other posts that include the hashtag", not "other posts from the official play_pso2 account".

sigh Children. Winners don't do drugs, kids.

  1. It's obvious they want only retweets (Twitter) and likes (Facebook) on their official posts. Ambiguity from not writing clearly is a common mistake.
  2. Attacking the person and not the matter at hand is not constructive. It is also not civil.
  3. We're only at around 4100 retweets at the moment. Any PSA is going to help towards that. Although at this rate the 10,000 goal should be easily obtainable.
  4. People with Twitter and willing to participate: don't forget to retweet the goal reached announcement official tweet as well because that one counts, too.

I've updated the original post with information on finding the exact posts to retweet/like. There are seven total as of yet.

Two more just dropped on Twitter. Maybe Facebook? My Facebook is taking a crap, so.. who knows?

Edit: There are two more on Facebook as well. Eleven total now.