Xion Long hair

@Akonyl No, the one that is very linear, and you have to fight againt that phantasm enemy that has Trains as his 3 heads from his main massive body.

The title I received after completing it was "Tokyo Runner", which gives 10 SG.

@Charus Alright, I've never done that one but I'm guessing it's one of the ARKS Quests since Train Gidrahn didn't show up in the limited time ep1-4 quest at all.

Not really worth worrying much over anymore though since it's gone, but hopefully there's some more SG campaigns that come soon that might get you some opportunities to make up that SG.

Tokyo Runner is for completing the Tokyo Time Attack quest on XH.

Ohhh, Time Attacks, that makes sense. I can get the confusion between a Time Attack Quest and a Limited Time Quest, but Limited Time Quests are called that since they're only available for a limited amount of time (even though the Limited Time Quest Ep1-4 also had a time limit).