Question: Buy Premium Set Campaign

This campaign for the emote 220: Flower Petals

I'd like to know if we could buy the Premium Set (90 Days) and stash the ticket away without using it and still qualify for the emote.

I've just bought the Premium Set a couple of days ago, and it would be extremely sad if I buy another one and still doesn't qualify for the rewards, and the next time another campaign is held the same thing happens again...

I've heard that I can just use the ticket and top up the duration to 180 days, but I'm planning on spending some time on new games coming out in November, so I don't really want to extend that duration for now.

With these campaigns, you qualify just by purchasing the qualifying Premium Set during the campaign period, not by using the Ticket, so you can just keep the Ticket in your Storage until a later date.

Thanks! That's good to know!

don't worry bro i just got 90 days renewed 3 days ago so guess whos not getting the campaign period 90 days... this guy

November? New game? I wonder which game this is (hehe). I'm looking forward to some alpha testing then too.

Alpha testing? Nonono. It's releasing officially Nov 19th. :3