Can they not just post the schedule anymore? Google calendar?

They don't follow it either way.

@ERICK001BC They do. There are just some in-game occurrences that are in addition to the scheduled UQs, probably to spice things up. Personally I'd prefer everything to be announced on the schedule, but that's just me.

@kztm I am just saying if it is a UQ schedule with UQ missing.... surprises, not really fun to not plan your gameplay. Especially when most of it is not EST coast friendly.

@ERICK001BC You could already plan according to the announced parts.

Personally I prefer everything to be announced, but I can see the rationale behind having some unannounced events. Think of it as random events in the game, you'll realize it's not that uncommon and it's not a big deal at all.

Whether the announced part of the schedule is global-friendly is another matter and that's what they need to work on if they truely want to call themselves a global operation.

The new UQs are always scheduled-only, too. At least, I've never seen a new UQ show up unscheduled when it was scheduled. So at least, you're not gonna miss out on extra Deus Escas or New Yamato for the next week or two.

Cant get to work either just a blank screen on calendar

It doesn't load anything. Remove this garbage and put back the old schedule format.

@Kattous said in Can they not just post the schedule anymore? Google calendar?:

It doesn't load anything. Remove this garbage and put back the old schedule format.

Did you tick the added calendar to show it?
alt text

@kztm that option doesn't come up for me

They should actually show how to use it for people who don't use any Google stuff

Yeah, they should have kept the old format as well, providing the Google Calendar link as an optional choice.

For some reason it tries to default to my collage's website when I click the link in the announcements?? Can someone link me to the calendar in a way that actually works?

Google calendar is not bad after you learn how to use it, I use it for some time and because of that I had set it up to work the way I want now the problem is when Google gonna make something that requires you to dig out how to make it work in a much simpler way.

and I'm impressed they didn't use the Hotmail calendar that is made by Microsoft and can be imported to Windows calendar

Is it supposed to work on mobile cause it ain’t working on mobile and this seems to be an issue with others as well. It seems poorly thought out to straight up remove the one from the main site and relegate it to google calendar. They could have easily had two calendars but I guess this is par for the course with Sega as “poorly thought out designs” seems to be what they’re going for.

@NotWhoUThink if you are trying to use your phone calendar yeah it will have a small issue with Google Calendar, in order to be imported to the phone calendar you need to syncronize with the e-mail calendar that is from where Android get the info if you don't want to deal with that issue get Google Calendar app that not gonna need to syncronize with the e-mail to do that, now why it was made that way only Google can answer that