Ticket Request #58456 - Please help with my lost SG Tickets

Hi there,

I sent a ticket in (Request #58456), for help with lost SG tickets around a month ago and have not had a response, so am looking for further assistance here. Please could someone pick this up, as I am worried that as time passes, system logs will not be able to help in my situation. I bought 3 months of Premium, 2 months ago, and have spent over £60 so far to support PSO2.

I am please asking for support back in kind from the PSO2 Team, it would be much appreciated.

I am not looking for advice from the fan community, so please don't chime in, trying to offer answers.



You can tag the GMs such as @GM-Deynger if you need to do this again in the future. Editing your post won't properly notify them.