A complaint against pso survivors.

@Kitsenix Lastly kotori the perpetrator banned the person from discord preventing him from posting or accessing the server. Your words are proven false. Kotori even showed as much by banning him then assaulting him yet farther. Though blocking kotori made that cease.

There i did to this thread what kotori did to my client. Anyone wishing to defend the actions of pso survivors on ship 3 will be flagged reported and blocked form posting on my content.

@Kitsenix If they keep from defaming me they will be at least not digging their metaphorical grave. But if they do harrass or spread something it’s only proving the weaponozing children claim. I have the political, ethical, and morale high ground. I have spoken only honest truthes and simply wish they would avoid hurting themselves by eating energy in fighting a War that is lost given the evidence.

I have no desire to harm children. Quite frankly they’d be better off not playing pso2, and sega would reduce the childish angst that they are known for. Given the game supports pornographic content children shouldn’t be able to play whatsoever. Even if it’s waived by online service guidelines, that is a rot that can reduce studies especially given how difficult schooling is right now.

The more damage I perceive the more I will open my mouth and speak truthes that the games owners will have to act for or against if the attacks mount to a high eneough degree. Though it’s be for reforms if they wish to retain their licenses. It is a tactical inevitability at this point.

And for children out their a tactical inevitably Is basically an assumption based on how things fell or were ruled in past situations of similar circumstances or events.

But since you kids need to google such grammar maybe it’s best you stay on the sidelines and wait for pso survivors to fall given it’s inevitable demise is guaranteed, based on the conduct it assists.

Given my tactical training, and psychological taining, combined with also the very experienced nature of these affairs having been a child myself once going through what my ward has to now handle I have to say that I know the do’s and donts this time.

Also thrawn from Star Wars veritably the same as me. Though I also have training for unnatural situations and surprises.

@Kitsenix Maybe I shouldn’t beat that horse. If they attack me they discount thrawns intelligence. Ouch.

Hmm it seems like daidoji karasu of the kotiori heretic, the same person who started this mess by harrassing my ward still hasn’t been reviewed enough.

But it would seem something happened to pso survivors.

I had decided to leave them alone for they thought I was harassing them.. something that my ward told kotori but he became fairly ignorant of his harassment’s and his behavior and continued to drill my ward into a state of regression. I hope he comes out if it ok. But kotori still seems to be around.

I’m not sure that kind of ignorant behavior is suitable.

@coldreactive said in A complaint against pso survivors.:

I'd recommend reporting it via the support website. At the top of this page, hover over SUPPORT and go down to CONTACT US.

Click the blue CONTACT US NOW button. Login with Xbox/Steam.

Click "Submit a Request" in the upper right left of your username.

Choose on the dropdown "Report a Malicious Player."

As the man said.

@GM-Deynger So send a second one ok. Makes sense but I suppose. It took a while to ensure I had the right name. Maybe it’s the one they didn’t look over for such reasons. Thanks.

ur insane lol

@thief If having evidence and giving it to the people like sega and Xbox was insane then yes I am insane.

But I know that they acted on such intel I gave them .

These people at least don’t bring armed men to my house.

I give them kudos. But the inability to play was caused by men who paid armed men to do something about it.

It’s a lot more than the average persons can hear about and live to tell the tale though.

It is safer thy SAO survivors not pop up again. If only because the people after me are also targeting them.

Some of them learned things. They don’t have military backgrounds like I do.

I’d rather they not reappear for their safety.

@Kitsenix I’m glad I keep discrete cameras and video surveillance.

But the men on them raised more questions.

Well it seems my account is already being hacked.

I warned the pso. had said sao for some reason.

People are looking at wager happened they are the bad kind who look at knowledge and those who have it with guns. Could say getting rid of them civil like would have kept them safer. They were afterall saved and still around. But the people will look at me and my ward and notice he spoke to them. The odds of survival are slim.

They are without a major name.

They are hypocrites who look the other way for large sums of cash.

And they are anonymous.

It hurts knowing that I was looking to help children only to find anonymous sold them out. Not here but Somehwere else.

And because I knew that they sold children, I was removed from social media by their allies in google and Facebook.

I will be proven correct should my account cease. The lag in the internet already a tell I’ve been watched.