A complaint against pso survivors.

I am here to levy a complaint against pso survivors as a guild or alliance, given their questionable use of children, and strange words from their leader about his conduct.

Where else am I go to do this. Or is this enough. The site is not very understandable to where this belongs.

I'd recommend reporting it via the support website. At the top of this page, hover over SUPPORT and go down to CONTACT US.

Click the blue CONTACT US NOW button. Login with Xbox/Steam.

Click "Submit a Request" in the upper right left of your username.

Choose on the dropdown "Report a Malicious Player."

Your thread may be edited and locked for Witch Hunting by the way.

If it’s a witch hunt I really wonder why people use children as weapons.

That being the issue I mainly have

They are mostly young children and young adults with only a few members actually adults. They ban me after interrogating me in for answers as to why I needed help with the way they had things setup. And then they send a child to harass me further after wards. I don’t have much else to say.

Well after yesterday we can add premeditation of murder or threats of violence to this list.

Pso2 may have to start using a verification system to ensure people are who they say they are or face the fallout of allowing children to be exposed to dangerous themes.

Also such verification would stop the bot problem permanently since fabricating a bots identity is so cost prohibitive it makes no sense to tty.

Hmm on the bots and such for age verification the terms of service could always have some clauses or claims to engage someone to be seen and to see conduct they commit as an adult.

If that were done your actions would carry the adult classification regardless of true age. May create problems but an alternative it is.

Hmm I know that pso2 is an adult game and there is no way to remove that m rating without spending the money and resources that equate to the costs of a new game that is built to be teen rated.

I will lay out some metaphorical wisdom. There is a reason people say let sleeping dragons lie. Generally that dragon if woken up won’t settle for taking out a random invasive party but also the kingdom’s nearby will suffer until that dragon is given offerings and respect worthy of its exetertions.

Hmm pso survivors woke me by attacking one of my young adult dragons. And now I’m looking at everything sega and Microsoft can or could do to tighten up the ship or fall to legal rulings should I be given opportunities or reasons to attack.

I do very much appreciate the game and I’m only asking that certain things though drastic are fixed lest the game decide to fall to its own unsettled issues.

I’m but one dragon that need only wake one other dragon and then an entire dragon race will set fire to the magnesium mine sega is using to make money. That metaphorical representation has teeth.

Hmm if people are going to play pso2 they better be held to the same standards as adults even if just a terms of service agreement. Hmm if that were the case a person or bot user would thus be pinned for criminal charges per bot used.

And I’m unsure how but harassment needs to be handled properly by the systems. Though many modern terms of service ensure all reporting means you and the person you reported are both under investigation. This can stem also when a group of people find in necessary to report one person even if they have no basis.

Though I do wonder what will happen exactly. In my last experience when I last had this type of conversation people lost their accounts permanently. But Microsoft and sega are in play here. Sega would need to ban based on the offense. Temporary for some and permanently for others. And Microsoft should pause a child’s account until they reach the age of majority of their country save for school contracts and limited access accounts.

Might seem like suggestions but they are demands. If they aren’t properly introduced we will likely lose pso2 in America and cancel its ngs launches and global launches and Microsoft will see issues according to its inability to handle the serious nature of the threats my own have seen.


I have the evidence needed to accomplish my ambitions. And I doubt that breathing on a magnesium ingot (Person) with fire will Bode well considering the knowledge and evidence.

As any adult knows you don’t reveal that evidence until the courts have a look. Most child accounts think you pony up the evidence first but people don’t realize doing so can cause a hacker to delete the digital copies.

I’m not happy with the lack of sleep this issue has caused. But as a dragon even metaphorically speaking I can always make do with entertaining queries.

@Kitsenix Also esrb is definitely missing a few mechanisms that need to be addressed if I’m to be kept waiting.

Unless my memory is faulty I've been in an alliance of the same name briefly (I dont know if you're on Ship 3 or not so it might be a different one) but left after a Discord interaction opened some old wounds.

Regardless, I really dont think you should be publicly flaming an Alliance on the forums, especially as you have provided no actual evidence to prove your claims.

Even then, it would be better if you followed Coldreactive's advice and contact the team about the offending players rather than make a callout post on twitter dot com here on the forums about them.

Hmm being the guardian of the victim I’ve already said in this post. Only children would think you provide evidence publicly. You actually provide that evidence to Microsoft or sega which I did and it’s being watched and processed. Also I don’t have anything against pso survivors if it were actually taking actions or responsibilities for the harm done to the victim. But alas that hasn’t occurred. Instead they provided further hate and evidence of threatening his life to shut me up. So that is something sega and Microsoft are also aware of.

I will try to ignore children if their words betray their age.

@Kitsenix Leaking evidence publicly can indicate what to look for if a hacker decided to delete the words or wording on a digital copy.

Thus I’m actually protecting the evidence by only showing it to the services and system that require them.

@Kitsenix And no it’s not necessary to share evidence unless in the literal courtroom to my knowledge.