So right now- rank is only gained by winning- but groups are not allowed to party together and so you're stuck with a completely random team each match. And are at the complete mercy of nonexistent matchmaking(because there's so few players who actually PVP- that it's really the same 12 people out of a pool of 20-30 each game so that it can't seperate by rank as easily as it could.)

This makes PVP a pain to get through no matter how good you are. I consistently do the best on my team and often better than the enemy team and still lose due to leavers or people new to PVP who don't know the objective or the map layout. Why have a ranking system when the game is not skillbased at all?(and has no matchmaking).. Rng supply is one thing- random teams from Legend to D tier is another. . So what i'm asking for is simple- maybe give the top 6 players more rank than the bottom 6 instead of giving the winning team rank while the losing team loses rank?

Or simply make the top player on the losing team immune to losing rank?.. I think it would make PVP more active and be more fair to the players that are actually doing their part and playing the objective. I figure the idea behind locking the biggest SG pools behind pvp is to award competitive players. Not be...whatever this is.

It would also make it more difficult to boost- as the lower ranks of S/Legend have players mass grouping and throwing games for their friends on the enemy team.