Buy a Premium Set campaign only every 90 days!

Fairly straightforward, this one:

Campaign Start End Since previous
Campaign: Buy a Premium Set! 14 April 2020 09 June 2020 -
Campaign: Buy a Premium Set! (7/15) 15 July 2020 18 August 2020 92 days
Campaign: Buy a Premium Set! 16 September 2020 21 October 2020 63 days

Someone who had a little premium and bought 90 days in the first campaign would have been ready to buy into the second when it arrived. That made sense.

But this third campaign arriving so soon after the second means they'll have accrued some premium over time. If every campaign is 60 days apart, then after half a year they'll have spent on a month of premium that's completely surplus. Moreover anyone who already had close to the cap of premium duration will be sitting on an increasing number of unusable premium tickets.

It's somewhat minor in the grand scheme - someone could simply skip one campaign when they have too much premium, provided the emote is tradable and affordable in player shops - but I still think it's worth suggesting.

It may also be a premature request if this was an exception or a mistake and the intention is to space them 90 days apart normally.

Alternative but more complex suggestion that would satisfy the above and also alleviate a lot of Twitter complaints presently happening: Adjust Buy Premium campaigns so instead of requiring a purchase during the campaign period, players are awarded the respective bonuses if the amount of premium time they have remaining exceeds 30/90 days at any point during the campaign period.

i was thinking the same thing, I came across your topic through google. I wasn't expecting a campaign this month. i think this is important enough that a mod can report it to sega or whoever responsible for this.

So, er... I get to revive this topic for an unexpected reason. It's now been 98 days since the last Buy Premium campaign began and some of us are starting to lose our premium from the 90-day purchase from that campaign. But the next campaign hasn't happened yet, so we also don't want to buy premium five minutes before it appears.

Could we please either get the next campaign or if there isn't planned to be one for, say, 30 days, be informed of that so we'd know to buy a 30-day pass or potentially the Tails collaboration pack?